Yantra, Tantra, Dharma Art Prints: Artist David Wardman

Artist David Wardman of Australia creates archival giclee prints with pigment ink on acid free Arches French paper. Each yantra print is actually unique, hand-stamped with different stamps and hand-written with slight variations. David's background in Asian-influenced landscape watercolor painting, abstract oils, and architectural illustration inform his work.

"My real interest lies in our true self, finding the source of a certain kind of spirituality. Vedic India offers this, also Buddhism as panacea for a lot of our woes. don't practice Buddhism except to meditate (which counts).
"I am interested in the way a visual device can have embedded power, perhaps in the way that the Mona Lisa has a mesmerising power, but more so in yantras. Images from the Tantras are ancient diagrams that refer to the raising of Kundalini. Yantras are diagrams showing contracted currents of energy of universal essence, currents that correspond with energy currents of the body."

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