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Vastu Course, Level 1 + Deluxe Package

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Vastu Course, Level One Deluxe Package includes 4.5 hours of personal one-on-one mentoring & coaching, Vastu-Purusha Harmony of Space CD, Complete Set of 13 Yantras, Gold Shri Meru Chakra, and Gold Vastu Vedic Pyramid, and all components of Sherri Silverman's Level 1 Vastu, the Yoga of Design Course, for a savings of $518! Complete package to learn Vastu basics and implement it in your own home or business space. FREE SHIPPING.

For full details of the Vastu Level 1 course components, plus student testimonials, read the description for the basic Vastu Course

Access all of your Vastu Course online components with the download link I email you. Other items ship by postal mail or DHL. 

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