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Maha Purusha Yantra: Creating a Spiritual Center

August 21, 2014 There are many ways to create a spiritual center in your home. Vastu recommends placing your meditation room, altar, puja table, yoga studio, or prayer room in the sacred northeast zone or in the center Brahamasthan of your space. In addition, you can use the Maha Purusha Yantra, shown below. Yantras are Vedic sacred geometry. They are holograms that set up an auspicious energy field; thus they are tools to rev up the energy of your space.    Previously, this yantra was only available as a component of of the gold Vastu Vedic Pyramid, a potent energy rectification tool that is recommended for all spaces not built according to precise Vastu guidelines. The MahaPurusha Yantra is in the very center of...

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