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Misconceptions about Vastu

May 9, 2015, additions made January 15, 2020 Misconceptions about Vastu, the Design System from Ancient India 1. Vastu is NOT the same as Feng Shui. In fact, it is thousands of years older and part of the origin of Feng Shui. Even many websites from India purporting to give Vastu knowledge are simply repackaging Feng Shui as Vastu. There is much wrong information about Vastu Shastra. To learn what Vastu really is, read this Vastu page on my website .  2. Mirrors are NOT used in Vastu as they are in Feng Shui.  Since Vastu is based on the laws of nature—in other words, the laws of physics— keep in mind that anything that goes into a mirror bounces back to...

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