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Altars, Shrines, Sacred Spaces

June 23, 2015, updated February 2017 Altars and shrines and puja tables are all part of setting up your home as sacred space. Here are examples from my own home and ones I’ve enjoyed during my travels. I’ve also created a Pinterest board for altars, shrines, blessings rituals; it has over 300 pins (or images) that may inspire you. My home puja table is a contemporary reproduction green low Chinese sideboard. My puja set is the principal resident of the table, in front of a silk- and golden-framed Tradition of Masters photo. Some day I will get the components of this puja set gold-plated. I’ve had it since 1974 and it’s been used not only by me hundreds of times but...

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Get Out of Your Own Way with Vastu

April 21, 2015 So many of the impediments in our lives are self-created. Vastu can help you get out of your own way. I’ve noticed this so many times when working with clients and visiting friends. Utilizing Vastu can also help open you up to the wealth you already have. Once your home or business are arranged in alignment with the laws of nature, everything goes more easily. Clients have “found” art supplies, money, household items, etc., when we organize and declutter their homes and work spaces. A basic tenet of Vastu is to keep your home and workspaces clean and orderly. Doing so allows you to easily find items you need in your life that are present but obscured....

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