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Altars, Shrines, Sacred Spaces

June 23, 2015, updated February 2017 Altars and shrines and puja tables are all part of setting up your home as sacred space. Here are examples from my own home and ones I’ve enjoyed during my travels. I’ve also created a Pinterest board for altars, shrines, blessings rituals; it has over 300 pins (or images) that may inspire you. My home puja table is a contemporary reproduction green low Chinese sideboard. My puja set is the principal resident of the table, in front of a silk- and golden-framed Tradition of Masters photo. Some day I will get the components of this puja set gold-plated. I’ve had it since 1974 and it’s been used not only by me hundreds of times but...

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Fabulous Symbol Book Recommendations

Symbol books are evocative and illuminating treasure-houses of images and their meanings, an essential component of my working library. Whether you find them in your dreams, works of art you enjoy, or your own creative output, they are guides to the world of archetype and image. I find that it helps to look up and read about a symbol from a poem or a dream in all of my symbol books. I pulled some books from the shelf to show you the best ones. One of my favorites begins with this quotation from the mystic Meister Eckhart: “When the soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it.”      ...

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Beauty and Natural Materials: Vastu Design

July 4, 2014 Beauty and natural materials are required components of Vastu design. It only makes sense that a body of knowledge that has the laws of nature for its guidelines would include both of these criteria. I styled this tabletop for a client’s Santa Fe house with Vastu principles in mind. The aesthetics of this arrangement of a silver bowl, woven reed basket, and book on a wood table is pleasing and uses this client’s existing home accessories. I rarely use dried plant materials in home decor, since they get dusty and crumble so easily, creating what can easily become stagnation energy. But here it worked, since the client enjoys using dried plants in her home and always keeps...

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