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How to Experience Joy and Ecstasy

All the beauty in this world--- and there's lots of it if you just look for it--- is there to bring you joy. What you focus on grows stronger in your life. Be mindful: Shift your attention to all the wonderful sounds, scents, gardens, art, beautiful things in your home, etc. Keep bringing your attention back to all the blessings you’re grateful for, to all the good things in your life. Then forge ahead with feeling level of your own emotional support— and the support of nature itself. Gratitude brings grace-- and more joy, miracles, happiness, and success in life. I give thanks to the wonderful American poet Emily Dickinson and her observations almost two hundred years ago for this...

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Improving Air Quality and Happiness with Nature

how to improve air quality and happiness with nature Adding elements of nature to your home and business space improves the air quality and the feeling level. Have you noticed what a huge boost it is to beauty and your feeling of well-being when you add a blooming orchid plant or flowers in vases? “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.” Luther Burbank Improving air quality is a modern world problem that can be improved with tips from Vastu. These suggestions work for Feng Shui also. Vastu recommends the use of natural materials and creating harmony with nature. I’ve written about the value of bringing live plants and cut flowers into the...

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Le Corbusier and Vastu

October 26, 2014 photo: Erika Blumenfeld What correlation is there, if any, between famed modern architect Le Corbusier and Vastu, the system of design and architecture from ancient India’s Vedic tradition? In my 2007 book Vastu: Transcendental Home Design in Harmony with Nature, I wrote: “Vastu views a building as a living entity that protects and nourishes our lives rather than merely a ‘machine for living,’ as twentieth-century architect Le Corbusier once characterized the house. ” (p.18) Vastu takes a house’s functionality into consideration but also factors of comfort, aesthetics, and alignment with nature, making it truly a home. Authentic Vastu guidelines can always be utilized in the design of homes and other buildings to make them structures that are beyond simply liveable....

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