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Meru Chakra (Gold Sri Chakra) FREE SHIPPING


Meru Chakra (Gold Sri Chakra) FREE SHIPPING: The Meru Chakra, the Sri Yantra's three-dimensional form, is the most healing tool of Vedic sacred geometry for abundance. Install the 24k gold-plated Sri Meru Chakra for wealth on all levels-- spiritual, financial, success, prosperity, career, health, fame, protection, and for Sri Vidya devotion. Dr. Vasant Lad of The Ayurvedic Institute recommends this Shri Meru chakra and said these yantras offered by Sherri Silverman "create perfect geometrical three-dimensional energy fields and, when placed properly in the home, help neutralize any negative effects of improper vastu." Vedic priest/mantra expert Thomas Ashley-Farrand: "To meditate on the Sri Chakra is the equivalent of contemplating all aspects of the cosmos in a single, glorious, all-encompassing symbol."

24 karat gold over a vibrant traditional panchaloha formula of silver, antimony, copper, zinc, and pewter, which enhances the flow and generation of Sri's beneficial energies. The Meru Chakra is first created from a computer-generated, laser-cut set of three molds at an experienced metal foundry in the five metal formula. It is then transported to another foundry that specializes in pure 24k gold plating. Package includes the Meru Chakra pyramid, beautiful Lakshmi-Narayana mantra chant CD, two-dimensional Shri Yantra, the 28-page Yantra Guidebook, and installation instructions for installation ritual. 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 4 1/2"(16 x 16 x 10 cm). FREE SHIPPING

Transcendence Design has offered these auspicious yantras for fifteen years and is expert at yantra placement, installation, and knowledge.

"I received the Meru Chakra two weeks ago and the effects have been amazing. It has connected my head with my heart and I know that the heart is the true source of abundance, the secret of Padmini Vidya. I have had other Meru chakra yantras and used a Lakshmi mantra but haven't had much success until now. The Lakshmi-Narayan mantra in conjunction with the Meru Chakra yantra really does work and it's nice to have a product that delivers." ~ Pat De Angelo, Connecticut

"Sri has arrived and is exquisitely beautiful. I can imagine this gift may generate a few more orders. I am so very delighted about this! Thank you so much for the extra care and energy you put forth to getting here with some grace and ease." Uma O'Brian, California

"I want to tell you how very much I love the meruchakra, there was a significant shift when i installed it, with relationships and my ability to meditate. I told my husband that when I would sit in front of my other altar that is near the Meru chakra I would feel this overwhelming desire to close my eyes and meditate, it was amazing. A bliss-inducing object it is!
"There has also been a definite positive shift financially. I received an unexpected check in the mail and my husband had new business."
~ Michele Fleury, California

I just got my gold Meru Chakra and it is awesome. It is vibrating the whole house, showering the environment with divine structures of golden light. I love it. Your gifts are so refined and full of consciousness. I have been blessed to receive this. ~L. Botchis, Florida

"When I stand next to the Sri Meru Chakra, I can feel it energetically in my body, a great blissy feeling. It radiates and attracts. I feel reverence, like when I am in the presence of my guru." ~ Shae Colbert, Colorado

"The Gold Meru Chakra has accelerated the evolutionary process of integration. Sometimes with loving gentleness; other times a bit more intensely :-). Either way, the predominant elements are Truth and Beauty; seeing Truth, speaking Truth, being Truth, at finer and finer levels of consciousness. And these finer levels of inner consciousness are always mirrored in form in the external world much like the geometry of the Meru Chakra. It has been, and continues to be, an experience of Beauty in all of creation." ~ J. M., Georgia

"Sherri Silverman of was very prompt and courteous. The Srichakra Meru is flawless and beautiful. The ambiance it has created in my prayer room is fabulous. It is a valuable Vastu addition as well. This is a great site to get the gold Srichakra Meru from." ~ R. Srinivasan, Kentucky

"I’m delighted to say that all the yantras are up and functioning, and the Meru Chakra is definitely powerful. Our son instinctively can feel it; he says it radiates love!" ~ I. Petrie, United Kingdom

"Many house/building issues that were not moving along, no matter how much "push" we put into them, have begun to progress and open up since the Gold Meru Chakra is in the house. And this is without a formal install!" ~ S. Hassert, Wisconsin

"Meru has safely arrived and we are really astonished about its energy. Thank you so much." ~ client in Netherlands

The Meru Chakra or Shri Chakra's Structure and Benefits:
The Meru Chakra or Sri Chakra is a three-dimensional Shri Yantra, the embodiment of Sri Lakshmi (abundance) and Tripura Sundari (beauty of the three worlds). It is the yantra of Sri Vidya, sacred knowledge of the Goddess. It can also be seen as the unification of Masculine Divine and Feminine Divine: Shiva and Shakti, Lakshmi and Narayana, Purusha and Prakriti. It can be effectively used for correcting defects of the north (direction of health, fortune, career, and money) and northeast (energetically the most sacred and important area of any building). When placed in the northeast, it improves the spatial energies of the whole house. Defects in the northeast and north are the most serious, so the Meru Chakra is a valuable corrective tool of Vedic yantra technology. Even if your home or office has been built according to Vastu, the Gold Meru Chakra is a great energetic blessing that enhances the flow of vibrant energy of health and abundance.

The Shri Yantra consists of triangles arranged in five levels around the center. The Meru Chakra has these same levels arranged in different heights, with the centermost level the highest. This makes the Meru Chakra more potent than its two-dimensional form, the Shri Yantra. Thus the Meru Chakra is an ideal corrective tool for disturbed spatial energies. The effectiveness of three-dimensional yantras can be optimized by correct position, but positioning is less significant than with two-dimensional yantras.

The Meru Chakra strengthens feminine energies in the house. North placement of the Meru Chakra is beneficial for enhancing financial flow and good fortune and for helping to balance a closed north with no windows or doors. The Meru Chakra is also very effective is the northeast, creating greater harmony and flow. Some place the Meru Chakra in the east where it can be exposed to direct sunlight; it will be quite brilliant. Gold is Lakshmi energy; it is also the sun.

Tests with skin resistance measurements have shown that the Meru Chakra harmonizes all twelve meridians in the body, so it can also useful to set it up at your working place, in your office, beside the computer, or in the living room in order to harmonize these areas.

Transcendence Design's Meru Chakra is authentically reproduced in a traditional panchaloha formula of five auspicious metals (silver, antimony, copper, zinc, pewter) that synergisticly enhances the generation of the Meru Chakra's energy. This is covered with beautiful 24 carat gold plating.

The dimensions of the Meru Chakra, derived from ancient Vedic texts, were transferred by computer technology to a laser that carved the molds. In this way unprecedented precision of the sacred geometry--- and thereby the Meru Chakra's potency--- is achieved. Precious material, sacred intention, and the highest care in manufacture make the Gold Meru Chakra unequaled in aesthetics and energetic effect.

Examples for Use of the Meru Chakra:
If the sacred northeast of a building has no windows or doors or is burdened with inappropriate energies such as a storage room or toilet, a Meru Chakra should be set up there. Also do whatever else is possible to bring the area into greater accord with Vastu.

If a building has insufficient windows in the northeast or if the northeast is obstructed by tall trees or a high neighboring house, the Meru Chakra can strengthen weakened organic aspects of life energy. The same is true for rooms, especially when people carry out healing or financial activities there. The Meru Chakra is very helpful in the north of business premises, especially near the safe.

When setting up the Meru Chakra, use a compass to make sure that the flat side of the central triangle is exactly aligned with the east.


LIFE TEST® Research Study on the Meru Chakra: The Meru Chakra was examined in 2002 by meridian energy measurement (with “Prognos”) on its energetic effects on people. The Meru Chakra is made of gilded cast metal and is aligned to the directions.

Total Judgment: energetically very good. The Meru Chakra heightens the energy level and improves harmony of energy distribution in acupuncture meridians. This effect is evident even with closed eyes and a covered pyramid. (The range of possible test judgments are energetically very good, energetically good, energetically harmless, to energetically negative.)

Main Tendencies of the Energetic Effect: harmonizing and energizing. Energy distribution within the system of the acupuncture meridians is balanced and harmonized and thus brought into a condition of greater stability. The body's energy system is activated, i.e., the system of meridians is fed with energy.(The range of possible effects are energetically organizing, harmonizing, energizing, activating, and reassuring.)

LIFE TEST® Meridian Energy Measurement: 10 persons, 5 men and 5 women, in a double blind test were exposed to the effect of the Meru Chakra and a dummy.

• After the neutral base measurements the first test stage was begun: the Meru Chakra and the dummy (a pyramid-like polystyrene model) were covered with the same fabric. In addition, the test persons kept their eyes closed in order to rule out possible emotional, psychological, mental, or spiritual influences because of the covered shape. Test persons held their left hand above the pyramid.

• In the second test, the Meru Chakra was visible. Test persons looked at the two objects while holding their left hands above them. In this way, the psychological effect of the Meru Chakra could be discovered.

• In the third stage a multivitamin preparation was placed below the pyramid object that is hollow inside.

For the meridian measurement, “Prognos” was used, a method of measuring skin resistance at the end points of the acupuncture meridians on hands and feet. One can draw conclusions from the results on the energetic condition in the system of the acupuncture meridians and thus on the human energetic level in general. The reliability of this method has been verified in a German study at Stuttgart University. This method is approved in the orthodox medicine in Russia. From the readings, one can distinguish between an energetic effect and an influence on the harmonic distribution of the energy.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and modern western energy and information medicine have shown that energy level and energy balance are an expression of health. A change is seen as an indication of a positive (health supporting) effect or negative (health decreasing) effect. If such influences last, they can also be expressed in the body – according to experiences of TCM as well as of energy and information medicine.

TEST RESULTS: The measurement results show a considerable difference between the Meru Chakra and the dummy. While almost all test persons reacted with an energy increase and a harmonizing and balancing of the energy distribution when exposed to the Meru Chakra, the polystyrene dummy produced clearly negative results. The strength of this dummy effect does not correspond to the character of a neutral comparison result but indicates a distinct negative influence.

In the blind test, 60 percent of the test persons immediately reacted to the Meru Chakra with a clear energy increase. The polystyrene dummy, however, caused an energy reduction in 70 percent of the test persons. The energizing influence of the Meru Chakra is thus objective and not a placebo effect.

When looking at the uncovered pyramid, 80 percent of the test persons reacted with an energy activation. This shows that the effect of the Meru Chakra can be further strengthened by emotional and mental processes.

The extent of the energy supply reached in the blind test and in the open test are of the magnitude typical for effective medicaments of orthodox medicine; sporadically it even exceeded them.

The influence on the energy distribution and balance in the meridian system reveals a second effect of this pyramid: The Meru Chakra not only supplies energy, it can also compensate discords in the system of the acupuncture meridians and balance the whole system. When allowing longer exposure, the autonomous nervous system that is connected with the meridian system can also be balanced.

Harmonic distribution of energy was improved in 80 percent of the test persons in the blind test. When they were allowed to look at the pyramid, the 90 percent mark was reached. This means: the Meru Chakra supplies energy and brings it – in an intelligent way – where it is needed. The effect is in a scope that is reached by medicaments of orthodox medicine, but unlike such medicaments the Meru Chakra has no side effects.

The third test checked if the pyramid can be used as a “transmitter” for specific positive healing information in the sense of information medicine. For that purpose, a multivitamin preparation was placed below the hollow pyramid. The achieved results showed slightly positive as well as slightly negative effects, so no homogeneous trend was evident. The majority of the test persons felt the positive influence stronger than the positive effect of the pyramid itself. This can be interpreted in various ways:

• Perhaps the preparations have to rest below the pyramid for a longer time in order to see exert a distinct influence.

• Possibly only certain preparations are suitable for that and compatible with the effect of the Meru Chakra.

• Perhaps the Meru chakra pyramid neutralizes or exceeds the influences of the preparations or at least those of specific preparations or contents. To resolve this, more extensive tests are needed.

Summary: Because of the markedly harmonizing and energetically strengthening effect on the human energy system, the Meru Chakra (Sri Chakra) is rated as “energetically very good” in this LIFE TEST. Predominant tendencies of its effect are “harmonizing” and “energizing.”

Meru chakra pyramid: Energy level: 80% improved. Energy balance: 90% improved.

Polystyrene dummy pyramid form: Energy level: 70% reduced. Energy balance: 80% reduced.

If you live in the USA, Transcendence Design pays US customs charges. If you live outside the USA, as with any item from any foreign vendor, you pay your own country's customs charges for shipments you receive from other countries.


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