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Aromabotanica Scents: Organic & Wild-Crafted Perfume, Hydrosols, Essential Oils, Sprays

Aromabotanica Institute of Santa Fe's healing scents are legendary, a superb line of 100% organic and/or wild-crafted essential oils, hydrosols, and perfumes. Traditional naturopath, master aromatherapist, and therapeutic perfume scent designer Christa Obuchowski travels remote regions of the world seeking the finest quality plant materials that hold the love and fragrant gifts offered by plants.

Water (hydro) distillation in silica glass maintains the full range of fragrance, natural components, and plant intelligence; they are not distilled with steam or chemical solvents and thus this time-consuming custom distillation produces higher quality and vibration essential oils and hydrosols. Many are from a certified organic distiller.

Enhance your connection to nature. Enjoy your sensuality through scent. Ritually anoint yourself with sacred plant perfume oils. Add our organic rose hydrosol (rose water) to recipes and spray it on your face. Coming in 2016...Call for our current organic scent collection: 415.755.4125.

See the organic certification for many of the Aromabotanica essential oils and hydrosols.

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Santa Fe spiritual art print: full moon, stars, unbounded sky, mountains. Artist Sherri Silverman.

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